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While I’m not really a rules kind of girl, I do think there’s some places where life is so much easier if rules are in place. I am married to a dude in law enforcement after all.

Before you reach out to me, I’d very much appreciate it if you can review how we do things around here to save time for both of us.  That way we can entirely avoid an awkward email exchange and we can both get back to doing whatever it is we do best.

Here’s the need to know: 

1. Guest Posts and Linking Policy 

This site doesn’t publish guest posts. The end. I teach guest posting and I write guest posts, but at this time we don’t publish them. So please don’t pitch us with them. Also, we don’t take link requests, as this doesn’t make Google happy to have us engaging in poor SEO practices.

2. Telesummits 

As a rule, I don’t participate in anything that requires my list size or for me to send solo emails to my list. I love anything that’s a win-win, but I’m super protective of the people who trust me enough to hand over their email. I won’t take advantage of that to help you build your list.

3. Guesting on Your Podcast or Website 

I absolutely love to share actionable ideas and intelligence via guest interviews and blog posts so feel free to reach to me if you think I’d be a good fit. Once the show or post goes live I will happily promote this to my social media following and email list. However, like the telesummits above, please don’t tell me how to do it or demand I do it for that matter. If you only want access to my community, I think you should probably skip me entirely.

3. Joint Ventures/Affiliates 

While I’m confident you’re awesome and your thing/course/ebook/product is too, but I only promote and participate in things where I use the product, have done the course/program or have a pre-existing business relationship.

4. Interviews on the Marketing Moxie Show 

We are open to pitches from individuals who are interested in being on the Marketing Moxie show, but please make a point of listening to the show before you pitch to ensure our direct, actionable style is a fit. We are looking for marketing professionals and business owners with compelling information. We don’t interview people about their backstories or on specific products/services. (You can get in touch via our contact form here.)