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You keep hearing about this guest posting thing. It’s a great way to build your list. To reach new people. To establish your expertise. If you’ve never worked with the media or bloggers it can be intimidating to figure how how to just start.

So it’s all too easy to do nothing. To put it off for another day, another month, oh hell, another year. Or maybe you’ve tried and quickly found that you’re going nowhere fast because something isn’t quite right.

This done-for-you package is designed for anyone who wants to start guest posting or to up their existing guest posting game. It is ideal for coaches, consultants and service providers who offer online or in-person services.

Get Guest Posting Platinum is a fully custom, done-for-you package that includes:

  • Story Ideas: You’ll have 10 story ideas (with headlines) developed for you, so you never have to think…”what will I guest post about?” for a good long time.
  • Pitches: Three full pitches will be written for you so they are ready to tweak and send. No fuss, no muss and you’ll get a good feel on a format to use for future pitches.
  • 10 Guest Posting Targets Hand Picked for You: Forget big scary lists of targets and low rent opportunities in groups you’re involved in. You’ll get 10 guest posting targets hand picked for you based on your target customer and business.
  • Creation of a Pitch Perfect Bio: A pitch perfect bio to include with your pitches (and at the end of your finished posts) will be created for you.
  • Website Audit: A review of your website and follow-on recommendations on how to make sure your site positions you as an expert.
  • Email Support for 30 Days: Ask questions and get everything squared away as you start pitching with email support. You’ll have a direct line to me for your questions and for anything that comes up along the way.
  • Bonus Get Guest Posting Guidebook:  Plus, you’ll get a copy of the Get Guest Posting Guidebook to help you implement.

Here’s How the Guest Posting Kickstarter Works

The goal of this package is to get you guest posting – so we offer a quick turnaround time and only book a limited number of these each month.


You live happily ever after with guest posting.

You’re now a guest posting champ and know exactly what to do. You’re out there building credibility, growing your list and looking like the expert you really are.  People are talking and wonder…where did she come from?

Your Price: $449




Say yes and figure out how to do it later, right? So when I was asked if I wanted the chance to pitch some ideas to an editor at Entrepreneur.com, I said (hell) yes and then I called Maggie! You only get one shot with big opportunities like this and I knew Maggie would help me nail it–and she did! Not only did Maggie do the background research to help me pitch successfully, she gave me a bunch of fab article ideas I can use no matter where I’m writing and she helped me edit my piece before I sent it to the editor. Still can’t believe I’m going to see my byline on Entrepreneur.com — thank you, Maggie!

Jackie Johnstone, Social & Digital Strategist

I loved the simplicity of Guest Posting Kickstarter. The deliverables were exactly as described and Maggie went above and beyond to make sure I was clear on my next steps. Now, I have a list of sites to approach with the process all laid out for me. This takes the guesswork out of it and allows me to just write my posts.  I highly recommend working with Maggie to anyone who wants to start guest blogging.

Val Geisler, Aspire & Grow

Maggie does a terrific job of walking you through the hype of guest posting and breaking down an overwhelming task. She was able to quickly key into my specific niche and deliver easy to follow, highly actionable advice which I’ve already applied for my own guest posting.

Jen Havice, Make Mention Media

If you need help with guest posting, Maggie should be your first and last stop. She recently did a makeover on my guest posting and it is incredible. I have excellent stories ideas, sites to pitch and she’s pushing me to up my guest posting game. She’s simply brilliant.

Jules Taggart, Amp & Pivot

I was so resistant to putting myself out there as a guest poster, or even to classify myself as an expert in my field Maggie gave me confidence, support, and rock-solid advice to get over those fears. She also backed up her advice with helpful resources and very specific next-steps so I could move into action. Within a few weeks of our call, I had my very first guest post accepted by an internationally-known brand, and I was jumping for joy!

Suzi Istvan, Social Suzi Designs