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2014’s Greatest Hits

blog 12.30

Whoa, 2014 is ready to leave us already? I feel like things are just getting started!


It’s a natural time of year to reflect and reset, which is why I’ve probably been over thinking this post for days…if not weeks. Should I blog about what I learned? A recap? A report. Honestly, I don’t think any of those things would do this year justice as I grew, stretched and reached in so many ways.

Not to mention, right now I feel like an entire post about me, me, me would be super self-indulgent. (Um…not to mention, I’m feeling kind of lazy as I want to read a delicious novel and snarf down some sugar cookies.) As much as I love those types of posts from other people, I think I’ve done quite a enough of that in the last few months….so instead, I bring you, my Greatest Hits from 2014.

Here’s some of my best “pulling back the curtain” posts:

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Looking ahead to 2015, I’m working on new things and getting ready to let some things go, which is freaking me out more than I’ll ever fully admit.  Which is why my focus word for 2015 is FEARLESS. I talk about having moxie, being bold, acting with chutzpah every single day and I need to live that truth even more, especially away from my business.  Here’s to trying new things and making 2015 whatever you want it to be.

But enough about me…what’s your focus for 2015? I’d love to hear from you AND I’d love to know where you need help with storytelling, content and promotion as part of that master plan.