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Behind the Scenes of My Big Ass Branding Project


First of all, welcome to my new digs and thanks for stopping by. This has been a big ass project going from zero to today – and I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned along the way.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to wax poetic about font combos, but more my perspective going through this project.

Last May, I was going through some serious growth in my business, and I knew I was outgrowing my lovingly bootstrapped website. And then, in a single week two people that I know, love and trust gave me the straight goods. Unprompted. And somewhat uncensored.

Then I got some really distinct opinions on how I was hiding out behind my so-so brand and not doing myself any favors. So I took the plunge and decided to step up my game – time to get a real brand and a website to go with it.

It started with photos. First point of resistance. Massive pain. Not because I have any particular concern with how I look, but rather, why personal branding matters in the first place. Like, why do you need to see my face to know that I’m really freakin’ good what I do? You’re hiring me for my brain so why do I need a cute necklace on? Like really?

After that meltdown and much irritation, I brought in the big guns – pro photographer, complete with hair, makeup and wardrobe.  That experience changed me, because if I have to be the face of my brand, I’m going to look amazingly good doing it. Period. (When’s my next photo shoot? Seriously.)

Next stop, hiring a designer. I’m blessed to know a lot of designers that are uber talented, but I knew my friend Suzi was the right choice as I’ve had the pleasure of working with her closely on multiple client projects over the course of 2014. And the process began….brand boards and thinking about messaging and all kinds of digging into what I want from my company now and in the future.

The Meta of Doing What You Do…

Working on your own project when you’re usually helping other people do this is super meta. But I actually forced myself to do a Content Strategy Map and get clear on my goals. No half assing this one. And I’m beyond grateful I took my own medicine, even if it made for a major clusterfuck in my brain for several weeks.

I realized that I could do a way better job of packaging my “thing” or “secret sauce” of storytelling and messaging work, so I created what is now The Story Distillery. I’ve been using those these same storytelling tools in various forms for years, but formalizing them was powerful and will likely change my business for years to come.

Now, things were going good, right. Oh wait…design is starting and this project is really happening. Time for some full on Imposter Complex.  If you aren’t familiar with Imposter Complex, trust me, you’ve probably got it and don’t know. Long story short – I was questioning who the hell I thought I was building this fancy personal brand and creating a signature service. I mean I’m good, but am I really THAT good? A couple coaching sessions later, I got to the real root of the issue and I’m ready to rock.

As Fall rolls around, and we are deep into the guts of the site. Copy, headers, and all kinds of weird and wonderful things.  Which brings us to today. 5 months later and excited to have a new place to call home that feels totally right. So welcome….I’m so glad you’re here!

Time to Celebrate!

Getting to today requires a celebration! So first, I want to give props to everyone who helped this happen. Entrepreneurship is a team sport – and this is my awesome team:

  • Loving Kicks in the Ass from Amber McCue and Ellen Ercolini
  • Brand, Design and Development by Social Suzi
  • Photography by Nikki Jumper
  • Project Management and Sanity Saving by Brittany Becher
  • Keeping the Ship Running While I’m Distracted by Lizzie Errico
  • Imposter Complex Coaching by Tanya Geisler
  • Listening to the Story Distillery Birthing Process – Megan, Brittany and Suzi
  • Moral Support and Honest Opinions by Tami Cunningham
  • Provider of Food, Head Nods and Patience – Scott Patterson

Want a Launch Party Loot Bag?

But there’s more. What’s a party without some type of surprise? You may notice I have a shiny new opt-in that is a pile of fun. It’s like mad libs for your marketing, so you definitely want to get in on that action! Click here to get the Storytelling Shortcut direct to your inbox.

story-distillery-giveaway (1)

And this week only – I’m running a draw! You can enter to win one free session of The Story Distillery. Winners will be announced on my Facebook page and by email on November 10th.

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