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The Secret of Promoting Your Blog Posts


You’ve written a blog post so it’s cause for celebration. Pop the bubbly! Alert the press! You’ve got BIG THINGS to share. Prepare for the parade of people to your site to be wowed by your genius. If only this blogging thing was this easy. The truth is that publishing a post is only half [...]

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A Creative Entrepreneur’s Guide to Conversion Rates

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Do you identify yourself as a creative? Yeah, me too. I’ve always been a creative. I was raised by a hippie photographer father, who valued creativity above all else. I grew up in a time of possibility and around people who didn’t have traditional careers, so I was fully encouraged to let my creative (freak) [...]

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5 Questions to Ask About Your Customer Experience


The concept of customer experience is nothing new. It’s been something of a trendy buzzword for the last several years, as companies focus more and more on ensuring their customers are satisfied, happy and keep coming back. Customer experience doesn’t happen by chance. It takes research, design, testing and fine-tuning over and over again. Which [...]

content marketing strategy customer experience

Supermarket Psychology Secrets for Your Website


Pre-career, I had a few different jobs, from working in the video store after school rewinding the weekend’s videotapes to merchandising greeting cards for one of the giants in the industry. When I look back, the job that taught me the very most that applies to what I do today is the 5 years I [...]

content marketing strategy conversion rate strategies

April’s Lab Report: Heatmaps and Bounce Rates

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Here we go – the very first of my lab reports. Back in March I shared that I was going to start giving you some behind-the-scenes scoop about my business. My approach to business – even after 10 years – is that it’s all a test. We need to be willing to boldly experiment if [...]

content marketing strategy conversion rate strategies

The Real Reason You Need to Care About Your Conversion Rate


If you build it, they will come. (Insert other tired clichés here.) When it comes to the web, that’s sooooo not the case. For some reason, even in 2015, we’re conditioned to think that you launch your site and ta-da! The world will be SO excited and you’ll be drowning in traffic. Nothing could be [...]

content marketing strategy conversion rate strategies

Episode #70 – Become A Blog Genie (Three Wishes Optional) with Rita Barry


  Blogging is one of those business things we do over and over…and over, which means it turns into a chore. But don’t worry, today’s guest Rita Barry has us covered. As a pro blogger, Rita has some amazing advice on how to build a blog with real traffic, create systems and much more. Items [...]

content marketing strategy The Marketing Moxie Show

Falling and Failing: My Simple Guide to Succeeding in Business


Have you ever had a really klutzy friend? You know, the one who falls for no apparent reason or is the first to spill stuff on their new white shirt? I’m that friend. I fall for no apparent reason, to the point where it doesn’t alarm my closest friends anymore. Last year, I attended the [...]

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The Real Cost of Your Bargain Basement Copywriting


A few weeks ago, I was doing a podcast interview and the topic of how to become a better writer came up. My stance on this was pretty clear: that as entrepreneurs, needing to write copy is inevitable. So, no matter how “good” of a writer you may be, you need to always be working [...]

content marketing strategy

Episode #60 – Crafting Customer Proof That Sells For You


Too often when it comes to preparing copy for our site customer proof is an afterthought. It’s not just about having some testimonials and calling it good, but crafting customer proof that sells for you. Well done customer proof can help do the heavy lifting as people decide whether or not to buy from you. [...]

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