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Your Marketing Mix: Stop Focusing Only on Traffic


There’s a million and one things you could do to “market” your business, but what’s the right thing? Which one will get you the results you’re after? Damn good question. It’s a question without a clear cut answer. And anyone who claims to be able to tell you exactly what to do may very well [...]

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A Creative Entrepreneur’s Guide to Conversion Rates

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Do you identify yourself as a creative? Yeah, me too. I’ve always been a creative. I was raised by a hippie photographer father, who valued creativity above all else. I grew up in a time of possibility and around people who didn’t have traditional careers, so I was fully encouraged to let my creative (freak) [...]

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5 B.S. Online Marketing Myths Debunked


Whether you’ve been hanging out in the online business world for weeks, months or years, you’ve probably heard a lot of “rules” about how things need to be done. Rules, formulas, success strategies, blueprints – there’s an endless list of these things you should be doing according to the 24/7 parade of experts. A lot [...]

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Supermarket Psychology Secrets for Your Website


Pre-career, I had a few different jobs, from working in the video store after school rewinding the weekend’s videotapes to merchandising greeting cards for one of the giants in the industry. When I look back, the job that taught me the very most that applies to what I do today is the 5 years I [...]

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April’s Lab Report: Heatmaps and Bounce Rates

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Here we go – the very first of my lab reports. Back in March I shared that I was going to start giving you some behind-the-scenes scoop about my business. My approach to business – even after 10 years – is that it’s all a test. We need to be willing to boldly experiment if [...]

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The Real Reason You Need to Care About Your Conversion Rate


If you build it, they will come. (Insert other tired clichés here.) When it comes to the web, that’s sooooo not the case. For some reason, even in 2015, we’re conditioned to think that you launch your site and ta-da! The world will be SO excited and you’ll be drowning in traffic. Nothing could be [...]

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Why You Need Conversion Rate


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Give Your Gut Check a Reality Check: Why Conversion Rate Matters


A couple of years ago, I finally realized that one of my real superpowers in my business was my intuition. And that as the CEO of my enterprise, this is one of the most valuable tools I’ve got in my arsenal. When I ignore my intuition, things go to shit pretty quickly. So when my [...]

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