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Category: PR for small business

Three Steps to Getting Your Business Noticed with a Polarizing Point of View


  Earlier this week I was working with a client on messaging and storytelling, and she asked me an incredibly astute question. “How do I NOT sound like all the other coaches out there?” My immediate response came down to a few things, but the most significant one was that she had to share her [...]

business storytelling PR for small business

7 Email Marketing Secrets for Your Small Business


Email is one of those things on our marketing to-do list that can make you wonder if you really should be doing it. When we’re so focused on streamlining our email, getting to inbox zero, and moving our collaboration to tools like Basecamp or Slack, is there still a place for email? Yes. Email isn’t [...]

email marketing marketing strategy PR for small business

The Real Secret of Running a Successful Online Business


Friends, fellow entrepreneurs…lend me your eyeballs. For just a few minutes, and then you can get back to biz. This hasn’t been an easy post to write. Not by a long shot, but it’s weighing on me. Literally nagging at me day after day after day. So here we go. Something is seriously broken in [...]

Business Strategy for Entrepreneurs customer experience marketing strategy PR for small business

Episode #90: Kira Hug on Overcoming Fear with 30 Pitches in 30 Days


Putting yourself out there can be nerve-racking and fill you up with fear. That’s why I couldn’t wait to have Kira Hug on the show to share a challenge she set for herself – pitching podcasts. Thirty of them in 30 days, in fact. She shares how she did it and how it helped her [...]

PR for small business The Marketing Moxie Show

Episode #71 – How Not to Pitch Yourself


Pitching yourself can be scary, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. If you’re going to do it – you want to do it in a way that you’ll be successful and from a place of understanding the real exchange that goes on. Acting like you’re doing someone a [...]

PR for small business The Marketing Moxie Show

PR for Small Business: Three Secrets You Can Steal from Big Brands


The whole idea of figuring out PR for small business probably seems crazy intimidating. This is something that comes up so many times within my community as people struggle to feel confident pitching the media or even with where to get started. That feeling is normal. And I actually think makes you BETTER at doing [...]

PR for small business

Having an Opinion is No Longer Optional


There’s a saying which I’m sure you’ve heard about opinions…and how we all have them.  I’m not sure if that is entirely true. Because if what I see out there some days in the entrepreneurial world is any indication, it’s a whole lotta vanilla. If this content was ice cream…it wouldn’t even be yummy French [...]

PR for small business

Stick a Fork in Me. I’m Done. (With Expert BS Talk)


In every business, there’s an element of repetition. The same questions and themes come over and over again with clients and your community. A biggie for my work is the theme of expertise or authority. From giving people permission to helping them be more confident to simply giving them the nudge they need to assert [...]

PR for small business

Bad Manners + Bad Attitude Doesn’t Make You A Badass


Growing up I was always one of those kids that sort of did my own thing. I wasn’t super concerned with what we were supposed to do or following everyone else. I wore what I liked, I was friends with a variety of interesting people, and that was a recipe for being pretty happy overall. [...]

PR for small business

Are You Suffering from DIYitis in Your Business?


It’s an ongoing struggle for most entrepreneurial types – do you go DIY in your business or bring in a pro to take care of it? Most entrepreneurs are the kind of people who are good with tinkering, figuring and doing what it takes to get the job done. But that personality trait isn’t always [...]

PR for small business

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