PR for small business

Listen Up Entrepreneurs, PR is NOT Dead

whyprmatters_maggiepatterson.comThink you don’t need PR?  That PR is dead?  Think again.

As an entrepreneur, PR is one thing you simply cannot afford to ignore. In a world driven by content, PR is hands down one of the best ways for you to build awareness and credibility. It leverages everything else you are doing and helps you build social proof and share your business.  It’s low cost and highly effective. So what’s not to love?

Here’s what most entrepreneurs don’t love about PR. They think they know PR so they do the type of PR that sucks and they don’t get results. Or they are simply terrified to even try for fear of “doing it wrong.”

Time to get real. I’m throwing down the gauntlet. After 15 years of corporate PR, I’m on a mission to teach entrepreneurs how to bootstrap their PR, go DIY and help them live out their red carpet dreams in the process.

No more crappy PR. No more hoping those guest posts will do themselves or a conference organizer will simply call. And most of all, no more overpaying for something you (or a super smart VA) can totally do.

In my view, there has never been a better time for entrepreneurs to truly go DIY with their PR.  You just need the tools and know-how and that’s where I come in.   I’ll help you get your message out, and become the expert you truly are with smart, sassy PR strategies you will have fun with.

This little slice of the web is where I’m going to:

  • Break down your biggest fears about putting yourself out there. 
  • Share behind the scenes tips and tricks that PR pros charge the big bucks for. 
  • Empower you to use PR in a way that makes your business shine. 

Are you ready to become the superstar you were meant to be?  Let’s start by sharing your PR challenges in the comments below. What’s on your your mind?