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The Big Problem with the Hero’s Journey for Business Storytelling


If you’ve studied or read about storytelling at all, you’ve probably heard of what’s called the Hero’s Journey. Never heard of it? Not to worry. If you’ve seen the original Star Wars Trilogy, you get the concept. (See also: Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, and the movie I went on my first date to [...]

business storytelling

Three Strategies for Storytelling Online

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Last week I went to the Canadian War Museum with my son and husband, and being the storyteller that I am, I walked away humbled and with a lot to think about, especially when it comes to storytelling online. Like so many of us, I’m fortunate that my connection to the concept of war is [...]

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The Fine Line Between Vulnerable and Victim


One of the most refreshing things about being an entrepreneur is the freedom to be imperfectly human. Let me explain. Being in communications, especially in a corporate environment, there’s not a lot of room for error. It’s all about the details…and with good reason: The public company’s press release on quarterly earnings with a 3 [...]

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Episode #44 – Turning Your Clients Into the Hero


Diving into the world of storytelling today and talking about how to get out of the “Hero’s Journey” and focus on turning your clients into the hero instead. If we’re always talking about ourselves, we’re missing the point – and customer stories help engage our audience in a totally different way. And it’s a solo [...]

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Where’s the Voice of the Customer?


Everyone loves a good story. As children our brains are trained to recognize stories as a pattern and it goes from there. We learn how to read, how to write, we start watching movies…and it’s all about the story. The bulk of communication we do on a day-to-day basis is rooted in stories. If you [...]

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3 Strategies for Owning Your Story as a Boss Lady


Today’s post comes to you as part of the Bosslady Blog Tour – yesterday we had an awesome post from ​Lisa Consiglio Ryan, which you can check out here. The BossLady Blog Tour features 12 entrepreneurs over 12 days sharing how to channel your inner boss lady. It’s the kickoff to The Bead Effect, which [...]

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When Straight Talk is Straight Up Unprofessional


Have you ever got an email that didn’t sit quite right with you? Or read an social media update that seemed a little over the top? Of course you have, we’ve all been there. The awkward moment where things seem off. You feel a little creepy crawly on the inside as you think “what the [...]

business storytelling

Show Don’t Tell. Why Saying You Are SO Authentic Isn’t Cutting It.


Last year, when I really set out on my voyage as an online entrepreneur I was so taken in by how real, just how authentic everyone is. After years of working in corporate, it was refreshing to have so much personality included in the brands I was following. Hell, it was enchanting. I was completely [...]

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87 Things You Need to Stop Overthinking Right Now


Back when I worked with corporate clients, I had one client where the term “web speed” was the mantra. It was our shorthand for the fact that we needed to keep things moving and not get stuck in the quagmire of endless cycles, needless revisions and general ridiculousness. Now that I’m out here working on [...]

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Three Unexpected Lessons from My Online Business


Since I started this blog three months ago, every single post has literally flown out of my fingers. Not a moment of hesitation as I shared my ideas, tips and PR secrets. Until now. Complete idea paralysis. I was supposed to write about bios today, but I wasn’t feeling it. Then I decided I’d write [...]

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