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Episode #10 – Suzi Istvan Talks Brilliant Branding


Episode10_edited-1Today we start a new series, Brilliant Basic Training. This is a multi-week series where I’m teaming up with some of the smartest, savviest experts around to talk about the basics of online marketing.

The idea is that we need to understand the basics so we can understand what things best will work for our business. No cookie cutters or one-size-fits-all allowed.

We kick off the series today talking branding with guest expert Suzi Istvan who is a brand strategist and designer.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Why someone else’s brand would look bad on you
  • The difference between finding inspiration and copycatting
  • Creating the right business model for you and ditching the shoulds
  • How online marketing is a new field and we are writing the rules as we go
  • Ideas for shaping your brand so it really showcases your personality
  • What makes a brand and the story you are telling
  • Understanding WHY you want certain design elements on your site
  • How Suzi’s feedback helped me start attracting the right customers
  • The top three things you need to know before you start working with a designer

Be sure to tweet us with the #marketingnerds hashtag! Suzi is at @socialsuzi and I’m at @magspatterson.

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Top 3 Takeaways for This Episode:

  1. Really take the time to understand your niche, gifts and what your unique angle is.
  2. When you are looking at elements of various sites, understand how they could work for you and WHY.
  3. Consider how you want your site to make your customers feel when they read your copy and look at your visuals.








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