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Episode #101 – Why Selling Makes You Feel Icky (and How to Fix It)

episode 101

Few people come with the salesperson gene and it feels super awkward to ask for money or sell. This episode is a short one that breaks down how to get your head aligned so you can actually sell your thing.

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Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • There’s so much ‘sleaze’ out there, and it’s difficult to do business in an environment where you don’t want to contribute to that
  • So instead of selling, we wait for things to magically manifest in our business
  • There are ways to sell without being sleazy!
  • Time and time again I see people holding back from sharing their gifts because they don’t want to be just another sleazy salesman, but if you are conscious of this, you don’t have it in you to be sleazy!
  • You can sell and come from a place of real, genuine service, and I explain how
  • Start thinking about what making more money in your business really means: how it can help you serve more people and give you the freedom to serve the way you want to
  • If you’ve been honing your craft, why shouldn’t you be fairly paid for your gifts?
  • We can sell with soul and serve, you just have to make the choice and activate change

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