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Episode #102: Sonaya Williams – Pro Systems to Fuel Serious Growth

episode 102

Systems are one of those things that feel so constricting, but when you have the right systems in place, you can grow your biz and flourish says my guest Sonaya Williams. If you don’t know Sonaya, you need to, she’s the brains behind the people, systems and tools in many big name businesses, and she’s one of the most strategic systems thinkers I know.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Some of us love systems, and some of us feel they are constraining; but they are necessary for our business
  • Sonaya shares what she thinks the most important system is for growing our business
  • Getting started on systems can be overwhelming; Sonaya gives us advice on how to get started
  • Every business no matter where you are needs systems, but you need to upgrade them based on the upgraded experience you’re giving your client
  • Being able to step out of the systems and hand them off to someone else will allow you to build your business more
  • Hiring is scary! Sonaya gives us her number one tip to find the right person and get them working within the systems that we’ve created
  • It may seem faster at first to just do it yourself, but if you can hand it off you won’t get in the way of progress
  • Sonaya gives us advice on how to figure out what tools to use in your systems based on where you are in your business
  • Choosing a system should be personalized to you and your business: how much support you need, how user friendly it is, how cost effective it will be for how you use it, etc.
  • As a CEO, you shouldn’t be the one learning the ins and outs of the tool, it should be someone on your team when you grow to the level of hiring
  • Sonaya picks one thing that separates really good, solid businesses from the rest
  • Take an unplugged vacation or at least a day! If you have the right systems in place, your business will not fall apart

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Top 3 Takeaways for this Episode:

  1. The follow up matters! It takes 8 to 12 follow ups to gain a new client. Create a system to follow up regularly and check in with these potential clients.
  2. Start with the simplest system. Getting them on paper and put into effect will start to create momentum in your business.
  3. You may outgrow your systems over time. We need to be constantly looking at and upgrading our systems as our business grows.


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