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Episode 104: Marie Poulin – Pro Tips for Running Your Course

episode 104

Courses, programs, group coaching…all of these things are seen as the gold standard in the online world as they bring you passive income. Last week we talked about what launching a program looks like, but what happens when you actually run that course? Marie Poulin, the creator of Digital Strategy School joins us today to break down her journey from idea to launch to actually running the program.

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Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Marie shares how long it took to get from the idea of the digital strategy school to where she is today
  • Marie lets us in on the process she went through to develop her course
  • Marie used a beta group to test and tweak her course, this helped her make some unexpected changes based on feedback
  • When developing a new course, it doesn’t matter how ‘pro’ you are, you will always have to work through self doubt and the impostor complex; Marie shares how she did so
  • There’s no magical formula for creating a course, but surrounding yourself with supportive and knowledgeable people is key
  • Marie explains how she transitioned from one to one work to ‘one to many’ work
  • Because we are busy and have a lot going on, where should we start if we’re thinking of creating a group course?
  • Hiring the people that you know are going to help you get your course launched is super important, and this will look different for everyone based on their business
  • Marie shares some ‘Marie Secrets’ for making ourselves seem more pro
  • Being very consistent and confident with who you want to work with is key to going pro with your course
  • Clients need a routine and need to know what it is for success; but we are working with humans so having compassion and kindness is key
  • Living up to your financial obligations is a huge part of going pro, make sure you set expectations and are super clear about the financial commitments you set

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Top 3 Takeaways for this Episode:

  1. Running a course and putting it out in the world may mean you need to do some mental work as all kinds of things can come up along the way.
  2. Get help. You shouldn’t go this alone. Talk to people who’ve done this before to find out what’s really involved before you commit.
  3. Running a course requires time and energy. If there’s a live component you need to show up and deliver your best.


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