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Episode 105: Lori Kennedy – Planning a Totally Pro Live Event

episode 105

Live events are the thing of nightmares and cold sweats for most of us, but Lori Kennedy has been running a successful event in the health space for the past four years. Lori’s going to share the need to know for any live event, what to plan for and how they can help you go pro in your business.

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Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Hosting a live event can scare a lot of us, Lori shares what made her create her first live event
  • Lori shares what the numbers looked like for her first live event, including paid seats and tickets she gave away
  • Lori shares her number one tip for running a live event to save money
  • Every year of running her live event, Lori has added a new element to amp it up
  • Lori shares the number one thing to look at before deciding if you want to host a live event
  • Lori and I talk about the budget for running an event and the kind of budget items you should be watching out for
  • Marketing your live event is super important and printing can get expensive so you need to balance this cost accordingly
  • Mixing online and offline marketing is key for running a live event
  • Lori shares how hosting live events has helped her go pro in her business
  • People who have a message want to share it; so providing them a stage to do so can help you leverage yourself off of people who are more successful than you

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Top 3 Takeaways for this Episode:

  1. Lori’s events have grown her biz and established her credibility. How can you add a live component to your current business to help you go pro?
  2. If you’re running a live event, sponsors can help you defray the big budgets involved.
  3. For any live event, you need online and offline marketing, and a healthy budget to make it work.


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