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Episode 107: What’s Working Now for Real-Life Biz

episode 107

We’re kicking off a new series today on the show talking about what’s really working right now for actual business owners. Expert advice is well and good, but we only really know what’s going to work by doing. In the coming weeks, I’ve got a series of business owners sharing marketing tactics and their results.

Today we kick off with me sharing what’s working for me when it comes to time management and productivity.

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Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • True expert advice is only great to a point, doing more and more is a recipe for going insane
  • To spend time working on your business instead of in your business, you have to really zone in on what’s working for you and your business
  • The ‘What’s working now’ series, will feature people who are quietly building great businesses that really serve their clients
  • Who cares about what worked for great marketers 4 years ago? Let’s focus on what’s working today!
  • Market conditions change and evolve, you may need to dig deeper than what’s on the surface of what’s working now
  • The results that these experts are achieving may not be big, but they are realistic and achievable, ‘small wins’ that add up over time
  • Not having to always work with the expectations and the ‘shoulds’ give us the space to breathe and figure out what’s working for our business
  • Something that’s working for me right now is ‘The 12 Week Year’
  • Using smaller chunks of time can help you optimize your performance, and it’s really working for me on a day to day basis right now
  • Each week of mine now includes 4 times: buffer time, strategy blocks, creative time, and non business reading time. I explain what each of these mean to me and my business, and how they are helping  move my business forward

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