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Episode 110: Danetha Doe – Making a Big Impression with Live and Online Events

episode 110


Are you hiding behind your screen and avoiding interacting with “real” people in your business? If you want to get noticed, you need to start hustling so you can make a big impression. As part of the What’s Working Now series, Danetha Doe, a business strategist and brand ambassador shares her secrets to getting out there with live events and media opportunities.

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Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Danetha shares what her business has looked like as far as networking over the last year
  • Live events have taught Danetha a lot about her business, not feeling alone, and tweaking her offerings to better serve her community
  • Danetha talks about some of the high profile interviews she’s been able to land and how she made it happen
  • Media interviews don’t just happen by other people magically appearing, you have to do the work that goes into it
  • If you actually do your homework before you pitch, you stand out right away
  • Danetha shares her number one tip for how to start to use live events and interviews to get yourself out there
  • Always come at your pitch with a mindset of service, not of self-promotion
  • Danetha talks about how staying in touch, not necessarily to always pitch yourself, can nurture your working relationship
  • Danetha shares her results so far and how doing media and live events has impacted her business
  • Most of the opportunities that have come about for Danetha through live events and interviews are things she would have never thought of doing in her business otherwise

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Top 3 Takeaways for this Episode:

  1. Being seen isn’t going to magically happen. How can you put yourself out there? Go to an event? Pitch the media? It’s not about being discovered.
  2. Lose the worries about putting yourself out there. Focus on how you can be of service instead and the rest will follow.
  3. Stay open. You never know what opportunities may land if you’re out there and people have different needs. Danetha shared some good examples of money maker that came her way from connecting with the right people.

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