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Episode 111: Mallie Rydzik- Effective In Person Networking

episode 111


Today we’re talking about the thing that likely strikes fear into your work-from-home heart – networking. You know, the kind that involves putting on pants and leaving your house. Mallie from the Systems Scientist breaks it all down for us and shares her results in today’s episode.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Mallie shares what she’s been doing using in person networking and how she worked herself up to doing it
  • Mallie is all about systems, so she shares what system she uses for managing her in person networking
  • Scheduling time after an event for follow up is really important
  • Finding your niche for in person events is as important as finding your niche online; if you just go to any entrepreneur event, it might not be the type of people you would work with. Mallie explains how she did her research
  • Mallie shares the results she’s seen since she started in person networking
  • Connecting the dots between your online clients and your in person clients is a benefit you might not think will happen, but it can
  • Don’t be afraid of your local people, running an online business doesn’t mean you just have to work online
  • Mallie explains how meeting someone in person speeds up that ‘know, like, trust’ factor
  • If there’s not any local events near you, maybe think about creating one! Mallie used this to create a group that never even met in person and still got her a new client

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Top 3 Takeaways for this Episode:

  1. Running an online business doesn’t mean you need to hide out online. You can find local clients. What’s one thing you can do now to connect locally?
  2. Research some local events and pick one to attend in the next month. I promise it won’t kill you.
    If you’re struggling to get your business off the ground nothing works faster than building 1:1 relationships. How would in-person networking help you grow faster?


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