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Episode 113: Lara Eastburn – Doing Social Differently

episode 113


Does social media make you want to tear your hair out? Or do you feel like it’s cold and pointless? You’re going to love what Lara Eastburn shares with us today as part of the what’s working now series as Lara puts the heart back in social and puts how we market in perspective.

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Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Lara explains how she’s not ‘just another social media person’  and how she tries to work with people like her
  • For those of us with small businesses, social media is scary because we forget to ‘speak human’ and not worry about all the statistics
  • Marketing happens everywhere! We’ve moved it to the online world for our businesses, but it should feel the same as marketing ‘live’
  • When it comes to social media, we tend to put on our ‘virtual business suits’ and take our personality out of it
  • If we can recognize that everything we do is already ‘social’, you don’t have to think of social media as something extra, it’s just woven into what we already do
  • Lara gives us advice on where to start with your social media
  • If you can put yourself mentally in a ‘cocktail party’, it takes the pressure off of how to create your social media content
  • It’s hard to really hear ‘it’s okay to just be who you are’; Lara explains why it’s so important
  • Lara shares her results from practicing what she preaches
  • Lara explains how to start building a kind of ‘yellow brick road’ for our clients through our social media

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Top 3 Takeaways for this Episode:

  1. Are you speaking “human” on social media or does it feel a bit robotic? Loosen up. Be yourself and stop trying so hard.
  2. Everything we do is social, so when we show up on social media it’s just an extension of that. Lose the virtual business suit and let your freak flag fly.
  3. Do you have a yellow brick road to move people from getting to know you on social to wanting to learn more? Get intentional about how you’re using social to help that happen.


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