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Episode 115: Cailen Ascher -Turning Free Consults into Paying Clients

episode 115


If you run a services-based business you may have had the experience of offering free consults that turn into an exercise in frustration as you’re not closing any clients. Coach Cailen Asher shares the tweaks she made to her consult process to help deliver more value and sign on more clients in today’s show.

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Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Cailen shares what she’s been doing to close more free consult conversations into actual business
  • It’s okay to share your format and expectations with your free consult client at the beginning of your call
  • The key is to listen: really hear what they need from you without thinking about whether they’ll hire you or not
  • Once you’ve listened, offer 1 piece of valuable advice that they can implement right away and will give them a taste of working with you
  • Cailen walks us through her system for pre-qualifying clients before they get on the call
  • Use your pre-screen form as a starting point for your call with them, come to the table with some ideas on how you’ll be able to help them
  • Make sure you send a reminder for the consultation; it’s an easy thing to forget
  • Following up is key, just because you don’t land the booking on the call doesn’t mean the answer is no
  • Sometimes the answer is no only because the client feels pushed into it on the call; you have to balance that with being confident in your value
  • Deliver your price with confidence and then stop talking, don’t over explain or give a bunch of options
  • Cailen shares the results she’s experienced since implementing a defined way to approach her free consults
  • When you start feeling more confident about your consultations, you will enjoy them more and bring a more positive energy to the call which will ultimately result in more ‘yes’

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Top 3 Takeaways for this Episode:

  1. Prequalify people before you book them for a consult. Make sure prospects are a good fit with you and how you do things.
  2. Have a structure for your consult so they know exactly what to expect and you can maximize your time together.
  3. When it’s time to make the offer, find a way to do it confidently and so it meets everyone’s needs.


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