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Episode 117: The New Year Reset

episode 117

New year…now what? In today’s episode we’re going to talk about what a new year really means in your business, and how to get reset.

In the spirit of what’s working now, I’ll share what’s coming with me into 2016, what needs to go, and some of my fave ways to get reset for something new.

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Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Give yourself room and space to be okay with not everything changing immediately just because it’s a new year
  • I talk about thinking of each day as your fresh start instead of the entire year, not everything will go according to plan!
  • I share with you how I do my planning each year and why it works for me
  • I give examples of how things are constantly changing for me every 90 days, including pulling things off my dream list onto my to do list
  • A plan is really important but can lead to planning paralysis: I explain what this is and how it holds us back in our business
  • Make sure you do the math with your planning: it’s easy to thinking you have to do something but if the math doesn’t work out to make you a good profit, it’s probably not worth it
  • Know what is possible and set your goals on real numbers, as you probably won’t be ‘the different’ one
  • I share my personal plan for 2016 and how I’m getting there
  • Set your desired feeling for 2016; mine was space for 2015 and I share what that meant for me. I also share my new desire for 2016 and why
  • I’m also sharing what’s in store for my business in 2016 and what’s happening to The Marketing Moxie Show

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Top 3 Strategies for Resetting for 2016:

  1. Take the pressure off! A new year doesn’t mean everything will automatically fall into place. It’s about the small gains you make along the way.
  2. Ditch the full year planning. I do 2 part planning: the overview (things like vacations, launches, etc) and then 90 day plans and goals.
  3. Stop over planning! You learn by planning, not by doing. Don’t plan yourself right out of what you’re doing.

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