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Episode 118: New Year, Now What?

episode 118

We’re Kicking off season 3 today – and we’ve got lots to talk about to get ready for a brand new year. I always look so forward to the New Year, and then a few days in, it seems anti-climatic. I mean, things are still pretty much the same. It’s sort of how I felt after getting married when we’d been living together for more than a year, sure the paper made it legal and we had a great party, but the day-to-day didn’t really change.

In last week’s episode, episode 117, I talked about getting reset for the New Year and specifics on how to build a workable plan. But this week we’re going to dive into how to not succumb to that feeling that this year is just a continuation of the last one.

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Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Sometimes we get so excited about all the new things that will come with the new year, that we experience let down when things seem to stay the same. I share how to overcome that ‘meh’ feeling
  • Being honest with yourself is hard, but necessary when looking at what’s not working in your business
  • I share my night owl tendencies, and how I have to watch myself but also make room for this in my biz
  • I explain what a digital detox is and why you should schedule it right now for sometime this year
  • I share my own digital detox success stories
  • Space is always a good thing, don’t try to ‘do it all’ right now, you have the whole year!

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What’s Working for Me to Start the New Year Strong:

  1. Be honest about what really isn’t working. This is harder than it seems, and is not meant to be negative. To be clear, you need to be truthful with yourself.
  2. Schedule your downtime and make room for a digital detox. This is probably one of the hardest things to do but it’s so important for your creative time. The only way this works is to put it on the calendar right now.
  3. Remember, you have a FULL year – 365 days! It’s so easy to think it has to all get done now, but a year is a long time. Give yourself some breathing room!


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