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Episode 120: Ellen Ercolini: Grow Your Business with a Quiz

episode 120

Who doesn’t love a quiz? But how do you use quizzes in your business strategically and not in a way that dilutes or damages your brand, or attracts totally wrong for you people to your door?  Guest Ellen Ercolini joins us today to share what’s working now with her quiz.

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Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Ellen tells us a little about her online quiz, what it’s about, and what you’ll find out from taking it
  • Ellen shares what you get along with the results of your quiz, the results aren’t the only thing that matters, people want to know what to do with the results
  • We learn why Ellen’s process of creating her quiz took 6 months and how she tested it out and made changes to make her quiz hugely useful
  • You don’t want a ‘cosmo quiz’ or ‘buzzfeed quiz’, you want it to be unique and give the readers something they don’t know about themselves so it feels personal
  • The quiz is an opt in, remember the same rules apply: it needs to be a value add to draw them in
  • Having a quiz is becoming the new thing for opt ins, so you have to make sure you stand out and actually convert the quiz takers to customers
  • Ellen now uses her quiz as a starting point for each of her clients to prepare them to work with her deeper
  • Ellen shares how this quiz has helped her business and helped her really zone in on the people she wants to work with
  • Ellen shares results from her quiz and how it has been huge in her business and prompted her to develop even more offerings based on the results of her frequency quiz
  • Ellen gives advice on the reasons to have a quiz and what to actually use it for

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Top 3 Takeaways from this Episode:

  1. It takes time and energy to create a quiz. You need to test and refine it to make sure you really deliver the results you want.
  2. Creating a quiz is not just about creating an opt in, it’s about taking a stand. Your business needs to really speak to your body of work, your approach, and you distinct way of doing things.
  3. Remember that you will build your list with a quiz, but you want to be sure you’re leading people to a clear outcome and a next step. It’s not just about adding people to your list.



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