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Episode #14 – Chantelle Adams Talks About Taking the Stage

Chantelle_edited-3Speaking is probably one of the more intimidating tactics when it comes to putting yourself out there. Today’s Marketing Moxie episode goes deep into this topic as part of the Brilliant Basic Training series.  Guest expert Chantelle Adams joins us to talk about taking the stage and getting over your fear.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • How to get started with speaking

  • Understanding your story and how it benefits the audience

  • What you need on your speaker’s page on your website

  • Creating a master list of places you want to speak at

  • Building yourself as an expert beyond speaking

  • Giving your fear a name and owning it

  • Tapping into your fear and flipping the script

  • Where to look for speaking gigs

  • How to make the most of each and every speaking gig

  • Working the cancellations so you can be the fill in

  • Getting paid for speaking

  • Creating lasting relationships with your audience

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Top 3 Takeaways for this Episode:

1. What can you name your fear? Flip that script so you feel ready to take the stage.

2. Look at local organizations where you can build your confidence and track opportunities.

3. Maximize each opportunity so that you can find ways to engage further with the audience.

Links in this Episode: