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Episode #27 – Crafty Social Media Lessons

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podcast 27Today we have a solo episode with me sharing some of my personal experiences using secondary social media platforms to drive sales and business growth.

While I spend most of my time for my business on Facebook and Twitter, for my other business teaching papercrafting and selling products, I’ve relied heavily on Pinterest and YouTube. I’m going to share some of my experiences with those platforms with some super practical tips for you. Think of this as a crafty social media lessons.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • My secret life playing with glitter
  • What I really learned from social media around a niche business
  • Why demographics don’t tell the whole story
  • How I doubled my list in a week using Pinterest
  • Some of my favorite Pinterest power tips
  • How I grew my YouTube following and the results that brought to my business
  • What I learned from playing with video formats

Top 3 Takeaways for this Episode:

  1. What social media networks may help you extend your reach without requiring daily TLC? Where are your people?
  2. Pinterest is a powerhouse that we tend to dismiss but visual marketing offers a great supplement to our existing efforts.
  3. YouTube offers an amazing way to get people engaged with you and your business, without killing you in the process. Plus, your content is evergreen.








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