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Episode #30 – Breaking the Rules of Opt-ins with Makenna Johnston

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episode 30Opt-ins. Love them or hate them, they are a critical part of building an email list, that’s why today we’re talking with guest expert Makenna Johnston about how she used an unconventional opt-in to build her business. No ebook or cheat sheet, Makenna used a weekly free coaching session instead.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • How Makenna used her free coaching calls to give people a sense of her style
  • Why Makenna’s group calls helped her avoid save time and cut down the number of one-on-one calls she was doing
  • How to use your opt-in to be active and actually drive sales instead of offering just another e-book
  • Makenna explains how she was able to turn an hour a week for free into loyal clients
  • The importance of verbiage on your website for your opt-in
  • The difference between pricing something for free vs pricing something for cheap

Top 3 Takeaways for this Episode:

  1. Think about how you can get people to take action with your opt-in. Feel free to break the rules and change up how you do things.
  2. Before people spend money with you, they have to trust and like you. Makenna’s way of offering free coaching calls with her opt in really gives her a way to screen people in or out. How can you change up your opt-in?
  3. Think about your pricing and how it’s telling a story about your brand.


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