\"\" Episode #34 - Why Working 1:1 Shouldn’t Make You Feel Dirty - Maggie Patterson

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Episode #34 – Why Working 1:1 Shouldn’t Make You Feel Dirty

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episode 34 revisedI’m using a loose definition of what it means to be “unconventional” but this show is a solo episode talking about 1:1 work and how in these crazy Internet circles, it shouldn’t make us feel dirty. In a world of passive income and punching time for dollars in the face, all that “shoulding” can majorly mess with business.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Although there is a lot of Internet support for passive income, offering one-on-one work still has value. We shouldn’t apologize for doing what we do.
  • Why you NEED to do some 1:1 work whe you are starting out and how I’ve seen things go wrong by assuming you can sell something easily on the web.
  • My confession of how I bought into the “you need a program advice” and how that worked out for me.
  • Ideas for including 1:1 work in your business – especially when you are starting out.
  • Breaking out common challenges with one-on-one work and some workarounds.
  • The big benefits of doing 1:1 work to build a foundation for the future.

The ONE BIG Takeaway for this Episode:

If you’re doing 1:1 work, it’s okay! If you’re not, and you’re having trouble finding a niche or paying the bills, please consider 1:1 work as a solution. You aren’t doing anything wrong  – embrace it. Use it as a testing ground for bigger and better things in months and years to come.


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  • Kimberly September 16, 2014, 9:55 am


    I loved this episode. I’m so glad that you’re talking about this. I’ve heard all those things about courses, courses, courses and sometimes it does make you feel like 1-on-1 work isn’t what you should be doing. I love that you’re sharing this take on it.

    Big hugs!