The Marketing Moxie Show

Episode #37 – Creating a Kick Ass Proposal with Jules Taggart


Jules Taggart is the first return guest on Marketing Moxie and joins us to share how to create kick ass sales proposals. No matter how much a prospective client loves you, your proposal can quickly make or break you. To get them to “yes”, Jules offers some power tips and we talk about gotchas with creating proposals.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • The biggest mistake when it comes to putting together a sales proposal or quote
  • Jules’ must have elements of a proposal
  • Jules’ #1 tip that makes a difference in her sales proposals
  • How to set up the follow up for a sales proposal
  • How to decide who to give a proposal to, there are times you don’t have to write one!
  • Jules’ and Maggie’s tips for being selective on what you’ll give away for free on your sales calls

Top 3 Takeaways for this Episode:

  1. Make sure you include your results in your proposal. What will you help the client actually achieve?
  2. Be ready to service. Don’t make the client wait weeks and weeks for a proposal. You are sending a message that you are too busy!
  3. Customize your proposals. Give that little extra bit or suggestion to spark the client’s imagination. Think about your subject line.

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