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Episode #41 – Customer Experience: Not Just for Big Brands

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Creating an outstanding customer experience isn’t just for big brands. As a small business owner you have the opportunity to create lasting relationships by delivering an amazing experience for each and every customer. Guest Val Geisler joins us today to talk about how to make that happen and all the systems we need to back it up, along with why customer experience isn’t just for big brands.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Areas where business owners are dropping the ball in customer service
  • Val’s must-have basic customer service practices
  • The importance of lists and systems in your business
  • Why Val is so passionate about customer service, and why it’s so important
  • Why and how to address negative reviews and issues that arise, because no matter how good we are – it happens
  • The importance of remembering people are ‘people’ even in the virtual world
  • Val’s favorite examples of great customer service
  • Some of Val’s customer service ideas to differentiate yourself

Top Takeaways for this Episode:

  1. Pay attention to what happens once someone becomes a client. We need to continue to impress our clients, even after you get hired.
  2. Write out your systems. If you want people to have a great customer service experience, write out step-by-step how exact that happens so nothing gets missed.
  3. Understand the difference between service and experience. Service is a baseline, but experience is what tells the story about your brand and makes you memorable.

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