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Episode #43 – Creating a Design Mindset with Christie Halmick

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Design, love it or hate it, you need to be somewhat design literate as an entrepreneur. Today’s guest, Christie Halmick is an ex-magazine designer who helps entrepreneurs master the basics of DIY design and she offers some great advice on must-have skills and how to get comfy with design. Listen in as we talk about creating a design mindset.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Christie’s background and how she got where she is today
  • Christie’s advice for where to start in the design process if you are brand new
  • How to overcome the hesitation, fear, and overwhelm that you feel when you start to design something
  • The top pitfalls and traps we tend to fall into when designing something and how to avoid them
  • Christie explains how to start to ‘make yourself a brand’ from the beginning
  • Why it’s important to pay close attention to your image choices
  • Christie’s favorite do-it-yourself friendly tools

Top Takeaways for this Episode:

  1. Design is a mindset. It’s not brain surgery, get in a playful mindset and let yourself have fun!
  2. Quality over quantity. There are so many design elements available to us now but that doesn’t mean you have to use them all. Really think about starting to simplify, and focus more on telling a story with your design.
  3. Focus on visual consistency. Start to think about your brand’s colors, fonts, etc. so there is harmony and consistency with your design. Make sure your images tell the same story.
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