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Episode #47 – Why Your Email List Matters with Lara Wellman

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As you plan for 2015, where’s your email marketing on your list? Guest Lara Wellman talks about email marketing and list building, with a focus on some super practical ideas to make the most of email in your business.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Why small businesses need to care about email marketing, even though it sounds so ‘old school’ to us.
  • Lara explains why building a list of people that are your audience is crucial.
  • How important is list size?
  • Lara shares her expertise on adjusting your expectations of your email list and marketing conversions.
  • Lara and Maggie share how it’s been important to them to keep people on their list to build their reputation over time.
  • What can you do to freshen up your email opt-in.
  • What one thing Lara suggests you change or work on for 2015 with your email marketing.

Top Takeaways for this Episode:

  1. You don’t own social. If you’re only focusing on social media and not building your email list, you will pay for it later!
  2. Don’t be obsessed with your numbers. The size of your list doesn’t matter as much as the engagement of your list. Learn to understand open rates and conversions, and learn what to realistically expect.
  3. Create a small and bite-sized opt in. The simpler it is, the more consumable it is for people. What does your audience really need to know to create action?

Links for this Episode:

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