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Episode #48 – Mix Up Your Marketing for 2015

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Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to your marketing or does it feel like what you’re doing doesn’t connect?  It’s time to mix up your marketing!

When we’re always ordering the same thing off the “menu” week in, week out, we’re missing prime opportunities to reach new people and holding ourselves back from growth.  Which is why I’ve created the #moxiechallenge for you – which I’ll run periodically in 2015 to help push you out of the comfort zone. And don’t worry, I’ll be playing right along with you.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Why do we keep doing the same things if they don’t connect with our audience or work very well when it comes to marketing?
  • Why I want to stop playing it safe, and what this has to do with turkey sandwiches
  • Why trying new things and experimenting is necessary in 2015
  • My ‘sandbox’ concept for my business this year
  • My 5 ideas for my #moxiechallenge to you

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Top 5 Ideas for your #moxiechallenge:

  1. LinkedIn Publishing: Why not use the community you’ve already built on LinkedIn to share your content? (Resource blog post on LinkedIn publishing)
  2. About Page: It shouldn’t be about you, it should be about your audience. About pages need TLC, they are probably one of the most visited pages on your site. (About page resource.)
  3. Storytelling: Write 3 stories connected to your business. Storytelling is what humanizes us and makes us memorable. (Resource: Blog post on storytelling)
  4. Guest Posting: Give guest posting a try. It may not generate mega traffic to your site, but putting yourself out there creates credibility for you. (Resource: Pitching Quick Start Guide)
  5. Interview One of Your Clients: Talk to them about the work you did together and how it impacted their business. (Resource: Voice of Customer Blog Post)

So, what’s it going to be? How will you get your #moxie on for the #moxiechallenge? Share with me on Twitter (@magspatterson) or in the The Playground group on Facebook.

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