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Episode #64 – How to Fascinate in Your Marketing


Have you ever wondered why one person is so fascinating and another is completely forgettable? Could be the same message or story, but the person sharing it makes all the difference? Welcome to the science of fascination, and the Fascination Advantage System created by Sally Hogshead.  In this episode I talk about the power of this system, how to use this information for your business and a few of the things it taught me about myself.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • The difference between the Fascination Advantage test and all the other tests out there.
  • The concept and science behind the Fascination Advantage System and how it helps you stand out in your marketing and business.
  • Way to ‘make a story sticky’ so you don’t get ignored or quickly forgotten.
  • A breakdown of how the system works and using your primary/secondary advantage.
  • My primary advantage and my secondary advantage and how I apply them to my business and marketing.
  • Discussion of some of my favorite applications for the Fascination system.
  • Some of the ‘double trouble’ archetypes and how they can help you stay out of trouble.

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