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Episode #70 – Become A Blog Genie (Three Wishes Optional) with Rita Barry

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Blogging is one of those business things we do over and over…and over, which means it turns into a chore. But don’t worry, today’s guest Rita Barry has us covered. As a pro blogger, Rita has some amazing advice on how to build a blog with real traffic, create systems and much more.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • How Rita went from a hobby blogger, to a professional blogger to teaching blogging
  • Rita explains how the healthy living blogging community inspired her to start blogging and getting to know that community
  • We can try to force a result or an outcome in our business, but sometimes things are going to happen as they should
  • The top things people don’t realize about building a blog
  • Rita explains how the amount of work that goes towards a blog can deter people, but can be totally worth it to grow your business with the right help and plan
  • Networking and building relationships is key to developing and growing your blog
  • You don’t have to network with people who you wouldn’t normally build a relationship with, you can connect with people you would truly be friends with so it’s not fake
  • Rita talks about systems to fill the gaps for bloggers: it’s not just as simple as ‘write, post, publish’!
  • Figuring out what your steps are for creating a blog is key, then break it down for the week so you don’t sit down to a blank screen on Tuesday night to publish Wednesday

Top 3 Takeaways for this Episode:

  1. It looks easy to publish a blog. You need to take the time to delve into the individual steps you take to publish your blog from start to finish. Nailing down these steps will help stop you from feeling so overwhelmed.
  2. Understand the importance of online relationships. It’s not just good enough to blog or spend our time writing, we have to take the time to actively engage with other bloggers and our readers to be able to cross-promote and get your name out to a wider audience. Do it from a place of genuine service and the rewards will follow.
  3. Look at your blog systems. Maybe you need a blog systems overhaul. Really look at where your systems need help, where they bottle neck, and where you’re falling down. It’s really important to understand that without a blog system, you may be skipping vital parts.

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