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Episode #75 – Why You May Need a Hiatus


When does too much of a good thing become, well, too much of a good thing? As business owners we’ve got freedom, but we’re also able to do whatever we please which means we can get carried away. That’s why I’m a big fan of of going on a hiatus, where you take a break from things in your business.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • How my creative and idea hiatus last year came about and the advantages it had for my business.
  • What my Fascinate test results say about my need to take a hiatus sometimes because I’m literally drowning in “good” ideas.
  • Some ideas of what things to take a hiatus from – especially as we go into the Summer months!
  • How your personality and business style can dictate what you should take a hiatus from because sometimes we can be our own worst enemy.
  • How ‘too much of a good thing’ applies to your archetype and your business and what to do about it.

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