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Episode #92: Marketing Moxie Summer Reads: Business Models

92-Summer-Reads-Business-Models-FBTW The Summer Reads series continues today and I’m sharing some of my absolute most fave biz books with a focus on business models and things you need to know.

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Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Value Proposition Design addresses a core problem of every business: how to create products and services that people actually want to buy.
  • The Pumpkin Plan is about a person on the brink of failure in growing his business, and how he turned it around into a successful multi million dollar business.
  • Business Brilliant looks at the mindset difference between ‘middle class’ and multi millionaires.
  • Rework is probably my favorite book on this list; it’s very bite sized and digestible, and takes everything we’ve learned in the corporate world and throws it out the window.
  • Scrum takes a look at how people how spectacularly bad at doing things with efficiency. It gives a lot of examples of how to use ‘scrum’ to create efficiency in your business.
  • I was prepared not to like ‘Growth Hacker Marketing’ because of how skinny it is, but it is jam packed full of marketing advice and value.
  • If you haven’t read #girlboss and you are a female entrepreneur, run out and get it! She is sarcastic and frank in a way that most of us need to hear.
  • Small Giants really delves into why companies would choose to be great instead of big; it gets you thinking about the obvious choice might not actually be the best choice for you.

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Business Model Books Mentioned in this Episode:

  1. Value Proposition Design from Strategyzer
  2. The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz
  3. Business Brilliant by Lewis Schiff
  4. Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson
  5. Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time by Jeff Sutherland
  6. Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday
  7. #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso
  8. Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big by Bo Burlingham