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September is here, which means it is the perfect time to create a game plan and get moving so you meet your 2013 goals!  Before you call me on on a total and complete cliche, hear me out.

It’s a cliche, because it is TRUE. For reals. 100% correct. Something magical happens with back to school. Think back to when you were a kid.  The anticipation and excitement of a new year…oh the possibilities!

As an “adult” – we feel it too. We’ve all been conditioned, so why fight it?

So, let’s capitalize on that excitement and do something good for your biz.

All month long I’m offering a free course all about guest posting that you won’t want to miss. I’m going to walk you through the process of researching, pitching and writing your guest posts.  I’m not making this stuff up either.  I didn’t just wake up one day and think…hey, I’m going to teach fellow entrepreneurs how to guest post.

What I’m sharing is based on years of actual work I’ve done as a PR pro in the trenches. Stuff my corporate clients pay the big bucks for.  All in a bite sized, entrepreneur-friendly package.

Guest posting like most parts of PR is totally something you can do yourself. However, you need to do it RIGHT.  Some discipline will help keep you out of the pitching black hole, or even worse being slaughtered publicly as having a “bad pitch”.  That’s not to scare you, but rather to reinforce that there’s some steps you want to follow as part of your outreach to bloggers. And not to worry, we’ll make this fun!

You may be thinking, hey lady, I know what I’m doing already.  Great, then play along and pick up a couple tips and tricks. Or you haven’t even started and you want to throw up when you think about guest blog posts.  Awesome. Let’s get you going!

I want to address a few quick things before we dive in. First, when I say fame, I don’t mean the paparazzi following you kind. I mean the kind where you are known and respected as an expert. (Can I just say, I don’t even like the words fame or the word expert, but they are the most apt terms, so I need to use them.)  In short, fame = where you are credible and people trust you to deliver your product or service to them. No glitz, no glamour, just business success on your terms.

What you can expect is four weeks of cheat sheets and content to help you make this a priority and make it happen for your business. Content for you to action now and get results.

I am going to be straight up so there’s no confusion, because there’s nothing I hate more than free content with a hard, cheesy sales pitch at the end. It’s not how I roll, or how I want to do business with any of you. I respect you too much for that garbage.

Fuel Your Fame is the “light” version of the Guest Posting Workshop I’ll be leading in October. And by light, I do not mean fluffy. I mean it is a taste of just some of the awesomeness that will be the Guest Posting Workshop.  It is your way to get started, figure out if I’m a “fit” for you or if you need the workshop at all.  No BS. No obligation either.

Are you ready to rock your world with guest posting?  Get yourself signed up below and watch your inbox on Thursday for all the details!


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