how to guest post PR for small business

Guest Posting: Getting Over Your Fear

Oh guest posting. The object of much discussion and even more stress by many an entrepreneur.

Pretty much every online course I’ve taken in the last year covers guest posting as a must-do marketing tactic.

It’s on the radar in a big way. But, I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of fear when it comes to guest posting.

Fear of wasting time. Fear of doing it wrong. Fear of not being good enough.

Get over it. Guest posts are good for you and even better for your biz.

Time to get out of denial and get to work.  What’s the alternative?

Instead, you’ll toil inside your business and hope that people show up.  Hide out on your own blog and wait for the traffic.  Stay safe in your bubble.

Good luck with that.

Guest Posting Isn’t Some Jacked Up Scheme

Not convinced yet?  Then I want to share something with you.

Guest posting is not a crazy scheme that Internet marketers cooked up in some jacked up mastermind. It’s a legit tactic that PR people have been using for decades, even before the birth of the interwebs. Back in olden times we called them contributed articles, pitched them, wrote them, sent them off to magazine and waited months for them to be printed. (Oh PR olden days I do not miss you! That’s a post for another day.)

The Straight Goods: Why You NEED to do This

Guest posting is a strategy recommended over and over again because it bloody well works. Corporations have implemented  it as a key part of media relations programs.  It works, it serves many goals and is super cost effective.

Got a laptop? Got ideas? You are good to go with guest posting. It truly is that simple.

Here’s the lowdown on why you should be doing guest posts:

  • reaching new prospects

  • street cred/social proof

  • building your list

  • traffic to your site

  • building reputation as an expert

  • preparing you for mainstream media

  • improving your writing skills

Should I go on?  Few marketing/PR tactics are going to deliver this much awareness and credibility with so little time or money invested.