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A Pep Talk About Publicity (Stop Ignoring It!)


You’ve got a smokin’ hot package or service, you are out there hustling on social media and blogging like a fiend, but things are slooooow. Even worse, you are starting to panic because you were SO sure this was IT.

It could be a lot of things from poor market research to simply bad copy on your sales page. But amid the hype every where you turn about launching your 6-figure program and messages about making millions on the Internet doing what you love…there’s something freakin’ missing.

The Numbers Game

Selling anything on the Internet is a numbers game, which truly is no different than in the “real” world. If you were opening up a brick and mortar store you’d do research to make sure you were on a street with lots of traffic or in the right neighbourhood.

When we set up shop on the Internet, we neglect to think about our foot traffic. Instead we keep putting out signs in front of our store hoping people will come in. We blog. We post on Facebook. But if enough people don’t know we are there, they cannot buy from us.

There’s two type of marketing – push and pull. When we push, we are doing the type of marketing where we focus on sending out our message such as blogging or social media. With push marketing, we are basically our own journalists publishing our content.

On the flip side, pull marketing focuses on bringing people to us. These are PR and publicity driven activities such as guest posting, speaking, interviews, and more.

Push and pull marketing should work together in harmony to create the strongest possible platform for your business. Push marketing without the pull is like peanut butter without jelly or Bert without Ernie is straight up wrong.

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Why Your Push Marketing Isn’t Working

Push marketing is powerful, but the reality is that you need people to push it to for it to actually work.

Do you need a million followers? Definitely not. But to sell effectively you need the pull part of your strategy.

You can talk about yourself and your ideas all day long, but the real magic happens when you have someone else giving you a big old vote of confidence in your business. Every single guest post or interview signals to the world that you are someone who’s credible and knows their stuff.

Forget the social proof of 2500 followers on Facebook, press and publicity is equally – if not more – powerful.

It’s just way too easy to ignore the pull part of things and not go beyond our own blog and social media bubble. In fact, many entrepreneurs simply don’t do it because it takes time and energy. And let’s face it, pushing out of your comfort zone and figuring this all out can be downright intimidating.

PR, publicity, promotion…no matter what you want to call it, you can totally do it yourself and have it be a game changer in your business. In fact, it can actually be a lot of fun once you learn the ropes.

Which is why all month long, I’m focusing on talking about publicity in a really practical and tangible way on the blog. I believe so much in the power of publicity to transform a business by bringing the right people to through your door. So, stop playing it safe with your self-promotion this Summer and let someone else promote you instead.

I’d love to hear your two cents on PR, publicity and promotion. If you are so inclined, you can fill out this survey below.


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“Without publicity there is no prosperity.” – Yakov Zel’dovich