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Summer Lovin’: Giving Lifestyle Entrepreneurs the Middle Finger

blog 6.19If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you’re likely asking yourself how you’re going to balance everything over the Summer. It may be your kids or just ensuring you have enough “fun”….but it’s kind of intimidating isn’t it?

I’ll admit, this is an item of much discussion in my house as my husband’s shifts have changed which means no support from him during work hours Monday to Friday. It’s unexpected so I’m left to patchwork things together so my 10-year old mini me is entertained and I don’t go insane in the process as I run my business full-time.

Welcome to reality. 

It’s not 4-hour work weeks or 7-figure passive income streams. Or glitz and glamour as you travel the world. Enough with the steady diet of easy lifestyle entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is hard and we are consistently fed a steady diet of this lifestyle dream that exists for only a few. Over here in the real world, these concepts are like magical unicorns we’re all chasing and we have this underlying guilt when we work too much.

Even if you simply want to spend your days sipping margaritas poolside or hanging from a rock cut, unless you have a plan in place, that’s just not going to happen. Last time I checked, someone needs to do the work.

A Heavy Dose of Summer Entrepreneurial Guilt

The last thing any entrepreneur needs is guilt over how they are spending their time as they build their business. All that hustle and heart should totally be respected and not diminished. Especially going into the Summer when we may be forced to make choices.

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Yes, we are in charge. We are the B-O-S-S. And sometimes being the big kahuna means we’re going to kick off midday for some fun, but other days it means we’re going to have to pull a 17 hour work day sunshine be damned to deliver on time.

But it is so worth it, right?

Here’s three things I totally endorse as things to help you get more out of your summer as a guilt-free, summer’ loving entrepreneur.

1. Wildheart Community

Have you ever looked around a community and thought…this is so not my scene? If you are a ruler breaker, freedom seeker and want a place to work on your business, life and love…Sally Hope’s Wildheart community is where you need to be. Get on her list so you can stay in the know and get in on her next intake into the community.

2. How Not to (Summer) Break Your Business

Mamas, my friend Megan Flatt has put together an awesome guide designed to help you stay on track and run your business this summer. I’m using Megan’s guide to help keep me from breaking…and you can get her free guide here.

3. Get Help

Hey you, Wonder Woman, put down your lasso. Stop trying to do it all on your own. Sometimes we need to get help so we can keep things moving during certain times. There are no bonus points for going it alone. Take out your notebook and write down everything you need to do. Then figure out where you may be able to get help. Be brutal about it. If you need help with taming your to-do list, check out this service from April Sullivan.

Let’s all vow to be guilt-free, give people preaching “easy lifestyle” the middle finger and enjoy fun in the sun while we can.

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