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Do you sound like the same old, same old?

In the world of online business, you can’t afford to be a me too. Which is why you need a communications strategy that helps you cut the crap and stand out.

My clients are coaches, consultants, speakers and other service providers that want to meet real business goals and have no interest in trying to sound hip or in-the-know. You’re a professional that simply doesn’t have time or energy for being anything but yourself.

By being yourself, I mean REALLY being you. Being you takes way more moxie than simply following what everyone else is doing. Yes, rebels, I’m talking to you too. Even the badass, rule breaker routine is getting overdone as every one proclaims how they are so freakin’ edgy.

If you actually are prone to breaking rules and being off in your own blue ocean, awesome. But you sure as hell better be ready to back that up and not be trying it out for kicks.


Forget what you think you know about marketing or communications.

maggiepatterson_services_bulbA new way of doing things is here and it’s not about following outdated tactics or guru formulas. And it’s definitely not about who’s loudest, boldest or even, the smartest.

An intelligently crafted communications strategy gives you what you need to use your distinct, unique advantages to stand out and make an impression. When you’re doing it intelligently and with intention, you don’t need to be an awesome self-promoter, an extreme extrovert or be super connected to succeed, you just need to know how to take your special something and own it completely.

Which is why as a coach or consultant, a service or product-based business, stories should the foundation of your marketing, along with figuring out what makes you fascinating. Anyone can talk features or benefits but stories are what humanize you and your brand. Stories are what sell and help you do it without being sleazy or cheesy, but in a connected and credible manner that builds your business.

When you make your communications intelligent you create real community and connection. You realize that your customers aren’t just a PayPal account but a person who needs your help. And you’re committed to doing business so much better than usual because your reputation is on the line.

As of January 2016, all of my services are offered through the digital marketing agency I co-founded called Scoop Industries.