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Your Authentic Voice: Why You Need to Give a Crap About It

Sometimes it seems like authentic is a bit of a buzzword, especially in the world of online entrepreneurs. While there’s always a risk of a word being overused and abused, some words are so perfect, so apt, that there’s just no other way to express the concept.


The word alone makes me happy, because it’s been a long road for me to find my own voice as a writer. After spending a 15 year career writing for everyone else, I finally get to use my own voice which has been seriously curbed, lent and at times, abused by a need to get the job done for clients.

Do I regret that? Not for a single second. It was the right thing at the time.

But now, that I’m totally “out there”…it’s a wonderful mix of super empowering and scary all at once. It’s easier to hide behind someone else’s byline than to have my own out there.  I’ve been working through this and started on my own guest posting, and it’s given me a lot to think about in terms of the mechanics of this whole guest posting deal.

So, this is going to be the first of many posts on guest posting and everything you need to know. It’s a wild blend of my own personal experience along with many years of running these programs for my clients.  (Did I tell you about the time that I secured 50 posts for a client in six months? Yep, that’s the definition of hard core.)

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Guest posting is a proven way to build your list, your reach and your street cred. But when it comes to writing guest posts, I think a lot of us get stuck. Marred in the fear of being rejected, judged or dismissed.  Especially when we use our truest voice and share our authentic self.

Here’s the thing.

While the temptation may be to reign it in, you need to let YOUR voice come through. Not a carbon copy of how the blogger writes or the latest guest post on their site. It’s important to know the difference between embracing the style of the site you are contributing to and simply letting it take over your post.

I say screw it. Let your freak flag fly. Take a stand. Write a manifesto. Just be you.

The simple truth is that the blogs you are targeting for your guest posts, likely are being pitched day in day out with tens, if not hundreds of other consultants/coaches/experts who want to place a guest post too. The simplest way you can set yourself apart is with your authentic voice. Your experience. Your special little something, something.

Reality is a cruel bitch. They may not read your email, they may simply not like the real you, or it may just not be a fit at this time.  But you can stand tall in that they actually rejected you and not some lame ass, dulled down version of you.

Pick yourself up and try again. Harden the f-up and just keep moving.

The results will come. The opportunities will happen.

Most of all be patient. Trust this PR chick. Things while they can happen overnight, they usually don’t. But they will be worth waiting for.

P.S. Want to know why that picture freaks me out? Hello, that’s the real me. Uncensored, totally out there…and so NOT corporate. Feels good…but I’d be lying to say that it doesn’t scare me just a bit. My corporate clients rock and honestly, they’d probably be glad to know I’ve got some sassy personality packed away.