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Episode 51 – Why You Need a Content Strategy

episode 51

This week we’re kicking off a new series all focused on copywriting on the show. Because, let’s face it, writing copy is unavoidable in your business! I’ve got an all-star line up of copy pros to share the inside scoop on everything from B2B to launch copy and more. Today we’re kicking off by talking about why you need a content strategy – the #1 thing you need before you write a single word!

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Whether you hire a copywriter or not, whether you’re a good writer or not, every one of us has to deal with writing in our business
  • I break down what content strategy is, and what it’s not
  • The questions you should ask yourself to drive your content strategy to be useful to your audience
  • The warning signs that say you need a content strategy
  • No matter what, your content has to serve a purpose
  • The 5 essential elements of a content strategy

The 5 Essential Elements of A Content Strategy:

  1. You need to understand your customer and your customer’s journey. You need to know more than the basics, you need to understand how they get from finding your business all the way to the purchase.
  2. Getting clear on your mission and values. Do you actually know what the master plan is for your business 5 or 10 years down the road?
  3. How do you communicate? What is your tone and manner? Don’t rip off someone else’s tone, be yourself. How do you want your customers to feel when they’re interacting with your brand? Also think about your writing style.
  4. Prioritization and presentation of information. People need to be told what to do when they get to your website. Too many options leads to the choice paradox. Get really clear on how you present information and get consistent with it.
  5. What is the workflow and the schedule? How do you create content, what are the steps involved, and who is involved in each step? Think about your content schedule so you can be consistent and make your audience comfortable.

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