Your Free Guide to Guest Posting

Guest blog posting can help you build your business by establishing you as a go-to expert and getting your name out into the world.  Maybe you are new to guest posting or have been doing it for a while, regardless, it can help you:

guest blogging

  • reach new prospects

  • build street cred/social proof

  • grow your list

  • generate traffic to your site

  • establish your reputation as an expert

  • prepare you for mainstream media

  • improve your writing skills

Writing guest posts is something every entrepreneur can do and get solid business results.  It’s not a crazy scheme, but a solid PR tactic that gets the job done.

As a PR Pro, with 15 years experience getting results, I’m crazy passionate that PR should be fun and there’s been no better time for entrepreneurs to go DIY with PR.

Guest Blog Posting Strategies 

Your Guest Post is Published. Now What?: Proven ways to avoid your guest post being an epic fail and to get your post noticed.

Guest Posting: Avoiding Looking Like the Freakin’ Amateur Hour: Before you hit send you want to make sure you’ve crossed your Ts and dotted your Is. Checklist plus a discussion of what may actually happen once you pitch.

Writing Guest Post Pitches: Why Pitching is Like Dating: Tips and tricks for writing your guest post pitches and what you must include.

Preparing for Guest Posts: Sydney Bristow Spy Style: How to find guest posting targets and evaluate them.

Guest Blog Posting: Nailing Down Your Story: Specific ideas on how to generate ideas that you can use to pitch guest blog posts. Includes common issues faced when storytelling for blogs or the media.

Guest Posting: Getting Over Your Fear: A look at why guest posting is so effective and why entrepreneurs should do guest blog posts.


Want to learn more about Guest Posting?

Check out the Get Guest Posting Guidebook  This comprehensive guide walks you step-by-step through guest posting from start to finish.  Click here for more details. 

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