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Writing copy that helps you attract your ideal customers, build a legion of raving fans and sells your services is about so much more than words.

If you’re going to succeed in the online world, your copy needs to convert. Period.

Conversion is about driving people to action. It’s about getting them to the next step in engaging with you, because, hello, isn’t that the point? If things don’t convert, you don’t have much of a business. That’s why you need a web copywriter that does more than create cute and catchy phrases that make people smile.

Writing copy is art. Conversion is science. Together, they are pure magic that draws people to your community, makes them go from knowing you to actually trusting you, and turns them into buyers. My approach is to create copy in the sweet spot of personality and practicality so it connects with your audience and helps you meet goals.

Ready for copy that produces results and takes you to the next level?

Let’s Chat: The Copy Confab

Copy is pretty personal stuff, so you really need to make sure the copywriter you hire is a good fit for you and your business. (Whether that’s me or someone else.) Which is why I have the Copy Confab.

Think of it like dating, we need to talk first before we decide to actually go on a first date and carry on from there.  Otherwise, things can get messy because you’re all country and I’m rock n’ roll and we’re never going to agree on where to go dancing on Friday nights. (#awkward)

You can schedule your Copy Confab below so we can figure out if we’re a good fit and to see what the best options are for you based on your needs. This may be a package below, or some awesome mash up of these services in a custom package.

If you don’t see what you need because you need help with email, sales pages or something else, we can chat about how we can work together.


Here are the content strategy + copywriting packages currently available.

Content StrategyThe Content Strategy Roadmap

Have you ever gone on a trip without a map? Exactly! The Content Strategy Roadmap gives you the master plan for your website and content as you move ahead. No guesswork, no random decisions on copy or what to put on your home page.

Content Strategy (1) The No BS Copy Package

This package is designed for someone who wants this handled. Now. It’s no muss, no fuss because you’re handing this thing off for a reason. This package includes the Content Strategy Roadmap and my signature service, The Story Distillery.

Content Strategy (2) The Save Me From Myself About Page

Fact. It’s hard to write about yourself. And it’s even made more complicated by the reality that while it’s an about page, it’s not really about you. If your page reads like a cut and paste of your resume or starts with a line about how you graduated from XYZ school with a degree in basket weaving, I can help.



Thank you SO much for your help with my sales page. I am so happy with the end result and I should have hired you to start with. I will happily recommend you to everybody.

Teresa Marie Howes, Color Yourself Skinny

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