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Episode 116: Jules Taggart-Boosting Revenue by Marketing to Existing Clients

episode 116

What’s working now continues as we dive into a specific tactic that’s helped Jules Taggart do less outbound marketing and increase the percentage of referrals and repeat clients. If you run a services-based business, you’ll want to listen to what Jules is doing and get these ideas into action.

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Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Jules shares how and why she has spent more time this year marketing to current and past clients and people in her inner circle instead of mass marketing
  • Jules explains how she keeps touching base with clients without feeling pushy
  • Jules shares her 4 steps she uses to market each client individually according to their needs
  • Sending your potential clients information pertinent to them lets them know you’re thinking about them whether or not you decide to work together
  • Once she’s wrapped up a client, Jules explains what she does to continue nurturing that relationship
  • Once you’re done working with someone, anticipating what’s next for them and how you can help them further is key to continuing your relationship
  • Playing the long game in sales is how Jules has shifted her marketing and kept clients coming back
  • Jules tip for scheduling the follow up so you don’t keep putting it off or miss it
  • Jules shares some of her results from focusing her marketing in this way over the past year
  • Asking for referrals is key, and doing it in the right way is super important
  • Jules explains how doing less marketing is okay, it’s more important to be doing the things you want to do

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Top 3 Takeaways for this Episode:

  1. Be of value and understand your sale cycle. Be very strategic about when you touch people and how you do it. If you have a longer sales cycle, you may need to get creative!
  2. I’m very passionate about the thank you note: a hand written, thoughtful note speaks volumes. It’s way more personal than an email and will set you apart.
  3. If you want to have repeat clients continue to come back to you, you need to be anticipating their needs. Don’t just follow up with ‘do you need something else?’ Instead, offer help with something specific you know they have coming up. Do this with real acts of service in mind and not in a pushy, ‘sales-ey’ way


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