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Episode 129: Kamila Gornia: Grow Your Email List with Facebook Ads

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Do Facebook ads feel like a financial sinkhole? Do you want to throw your laptop out the window because you’re frustrated as all get out? This episode’s guest Kamila Gornia is going to help us get smart and strategic with our ads so you can use them in a way that’s productive and profitable.

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Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Kamila shares the number one mistake we tend to make with Facebook ads
  • When running an ad, you have to make sure it’s in line with your overall goal for your company
  • There’s a lot of things to have in place before actually running an ad, Kamila breaks it down for us
  • Kamila shares some of the reasons your ad may not be converting; it’s not just about having the ad
  • You can have a really high click-through rate, but it’s not actually converting. The goal is to gain clients, not to just have a high click-through rate
  • If you work with everything together: landing page, ads, your offer, your timing, etc. then you can get to the bottom of what’s working and what’s not
  • Kamila gives her power tip for getting the most out of our FB ad money
  • Find something that’s converting really well and use that until it stops working: Kamila explains why this is important
  • Kamila shares how and when to scale your ad campaign
  • Holding a webinar and then a launch is no longer enough, you have to have a concrete sequence to get the results you want and ads can help
  • Kamila explains how and why to not take it personally when things don’t go well with your ads
  • Kamila shares what the good times to run ads are depending on your business
  • Kamila shares what we should think about and what we should know before we outsource our FB ad management

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Top 3 Takeaways from this Episode:

  1. Ads aren’t just about the ads. Get organized with an offer your audience wants and a landing page that converts. It’s easy to think FB ads are a ATM, when they only work if you’ve got everything else handled.
  2. Get ready to experiment. This is not a cookie cutter thing, every campaign, every offer, every business will perform differently. Be okay with failing and tweaking as you go.
  3. Before you decide you’re going to hand off FB ads, get super clear on what’s involved, why you should or shouldn’t do it. Also, remember, costs don’t include your ad budget!

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