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Episode 130: The Straight Truth on Your Services Business

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If there’s a single thing I’ve learned, it’s that the Marketing Moxie listeners care about growing their business – and doing it in a way that’s not sleazy or has them selling out. Today I’m doing a solo show where I level with you about how you’re unlikely to make ALL the money while working an hour/day or frolicking on the beach.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • When it comes to running a services based business, your revenue is one of your burning issues: you need it to grow the way you want to grow and serve your clients the way you want
  • There’s a lack of truth telling and a lot of claims out there about how people are earning the money they are in their business
  • I want to level with you: because we are all selling, we lose touch with being of service and with having a soul
  • I break down my 3 favorite mistakes, lies and myths with running a services-based business
  • You need a proven process and reputation to start earning passive income: I explain the why and how
  • The fastest path to cash will always be working with clients; you have to do the work
  • Results matter, people need to know you can deliver. Anyone who tells you that you can earn money in your sleep or from the beach are not giving you the truth
  • You can build a successful online business without an email list, I explain the why and how
  • The days of ‘follow these 5 steps to cash’ or ‘here’s how to get to 6 figures’ are over; it is irrelevant and nonsense (maybe it’s not over, but I’m o-v-e-r it)
  • If you are running a services-based business for the money, go get a 9 to 5; the best way to get the results and get paid is by playing to your strengths and by doing the work

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