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Episode 122: Kelly Azevedo: Closing Systems to Build Your Revenue

Episode 122: Kelly Azevedo: Closing Systems to Build Your Revenue

When you run a services-based business, your ability to “close” new clients is absolutely critical to your success. She’s Got Systems’ Kelly Azevedo joins us to share her tips for closing business and how it’s helped her grow her business.

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Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • A lot of times we tend to leave people in the ‘I’m not sure’ category, Kelly explains how to get them to a clear yes or a clear no
  • If people aren’t interested, they will opt out. If they’re still on your list, they still need something and it’s up to you to fill that need
  • Kelly walks us through her closing systems and how to make it tangible in your business
  • The client may not have been ready when they first reached out, but if you never follow up you don’t know if they are interested down the road
  • Kelly explains the gap between reaching out to new clients and serving your current clients and how to fill it
  • Kelly shares the results she’s been able to drive out of getting focused on her closing system over the last year
  • A lot of programs have a refund rate through the roof, and Kelly has gotten hers down to less than 1% just by focusing on her closing system and making people feel like they’re not just a number
  • Don’t just shovel people into a program if you can’t serve them, it will hurt you in the long run
  • Kelly shares her number one tip for getting started with creating our own closing system

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Top 3 Takeaways from this Episode:

  1. Get people to a clear yes or no faster with Kelly’s tips and avoid “not sure” limbo.
  2. Follow-up is everything. Don’t assume “not now” means a big fat no.
  3. Remember no matter what you’re selling – from services to programs – the personal touch matters and is what makes the difference.


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