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Episode 128: Hibiscus Moon: Building a Vibrant Tribe on Facebook

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Have you ever looked at your Facebook page and thought, “what’s the point?”. You’re definitely not alone. In this episode Hibiscus Moon shares how she’s built an active and very engaged following on Facebook with some practical tips you won’t want to miss.

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Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Hibiscus explains how she’s built such a great following on FB when it’s become so hard to do so
  • Treating FB like a conversation by giving personal answers to questions and comments is key
  • Using FB to sell all the time can turn people off, Hibiscus explains how to avoid this and why
  • Getting people to treat your page like a community is important, it will get people interacting with each other and show they’re with like-minded people
  • Hibiscus explains how to make the people on your page feel safe and not abandoned so they keep coming back
  • FB badges are new and can get you more users, Hibiscus shares how to earn them
  • How can you use your page to stay connected in a way that’s real and honest and not fake or has too much selling?
  • Hibiscus shares how often she posts and the basic content of her posts as a guideline
  • Using scheduled posts mixed in with real time posts is a good policy, Hibiscus shares how this has worked for her
  • Sharing others’ posts is helpful too, it can gain your page more traction
  • People want to see real, authentic, behind the scenes posts about what’s really going on
  • Hibiscus shares her favorite thing about Facebook and why we should invest the time in our FB page
  • Don’t find your favorite platform and then your audience, find your audience where they are hanging out and put the time in there

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Top 3 Takeaways from this Episode:

  1. Are you making your Facebook page conversational or are you just publishing and pushing your message? Look at how you can make it more engaging and create a real conversation so people come back for more.
  2. Hibiscus posts multiple times per day with different types of content. So if you’re publishing twice a week and then wondering why you’re not hitting the mark, that may be the reason why.
  3. One thing that knocked my socks off about Hibiscus’ team is that they try to reply and engage with their tribe so they feel like it’s a safe place and they’re heard. What can you do to create this type of connection on your page?


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