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Episode #68 – Getting Your Business Organized with Alaia Williams


If you’ve ever thought “I need to get organized”, today’s episode is for you.  My friend and systems powerhouse Alaia Williams joins us to talk systems, organization and tools.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Tackling a large project all at once can cause you to crash and burn, start small!
  • Alaia shares her favorite systems for getting started on organization
  • There’s a misconception that systems in your business will restrict you, when really it helps free you up
  • When picking a system, it’s really important that it integrates with what you already use
  • Contact management systems are key, Alaia shares her favorite and some runner ups based on where you’re at with your business
  • Finding a financial system of some sort that works for you is essential, Alaia shares some of her favorites that helps eliminate time wasting
  • Project management systems work very differently for each business, you have to find the one that works for you
  • What do you use for a calendar? Alaia uses google calendar and she explains why and how it works so well for her and her systems
  • How to figure out what your marketing is and create a system around it versus just picking a popular one
  • Alaia uses the book ‘Get Clients Now’ (link below) to teach us how to create your marketing system around getting more clients

Top 3 Takeaways for this Episode:

  1. When it comes to systems and organizations, we are so overwhelmed. Starting where you are and being okay with that versus tackling an entire huge project all at once is key. It’s okay to take on one small change at a time instead of revamping your entire organization system.
  2. Essential Systems are contact management systems, and it’s something most of us are falling down on. It’s so important to act with integrity and make sure you’re really closing the loop on communication for follow through. Also finding a system for financial management that works for you is key.
  3. Get the book ‘Get Clients Now’ (Link below) to prioritize your most urgent need in your business.

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